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FT Law Firm can assist with your residential and commercial real estate needs. We have represented large and small businesses as well as homeowners on a variety of real estate and mortgage matters, including the following:

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements – We can assist in drafting, reviewing and revising commercial and residential real estate purchase agreements. Often, these agreements are one-sided and written to protect only the party that drafted it. Our law firm can assist you in making sure that your rights are protected in the transaction.

Deeds – Deeds generally pass title from the seller to the buyer and is filed with the county.  We can assist with drafting and filing General and Special Warranty Deeds and other related documents. 

Closing Related Issues/Contracts – Real estate closing may involve several contracts, addendums and other documents. Often, the attorney present at closing is the title company’s attorney. As such, they are prohibited from providing you legal advise. By retaining FT Law Firm, we can assist with reviewing real estate documents and making sure that your rights are not overlooked in the transaction.

Commercial Leases – We have experience drafting and negotiating commercial leases for both landlords and tenants.

Disputes/Litigation – We litigate cases involving commercial landlords and tenants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

FT Law Firm is experienced with the entire real estate process from the beginning to the end. We can help and guide you through complex real estate matters so that important steps are not missed in your transaction.

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