Business and Technology Law

Business Law Consultant
Business Law Consultant

Having an attorney review your business law agreements can save you money and headaches by reducing future risks.  We can help you avoid crucial mistakes by anticipating legal issues. We also understand the importance of balancing business and legal concerns.

We can help in finding solutions for small and large businesses operating in various field, including real estate, mortgage, technology, retail, service and more.  We have experience helping clients with the following:

Business Purchases and Sales & Buy-Sell Agreements
• Leases and Real Estate Agreements
• Letters of Intent
• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Goods and Service Agreements
• Independent Contractor Agreements
• Employment Contracts
• Technology Agreements
• Non-compete Agreements
• H1 Visa Employment Contracts
• Business Formations
• Partnership Agreements

Business Litigation: When disputes arise relating to businesses, we have experience handling commercial claims and litigation. We will work with our client to resolve the dispute with maximum efficiency.