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If you have been in an accident and are injured, you must act fast. We represent people injured by the following types of accidents:

• Car and Truck accidents
• Defective Medical Products/Drugs
• Slips and Falls/Premises Liability
• Construction Site Accidents
• Electrical Shock Injuries
• Food Poisoning
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Bus Accidents
• Brain Injury Accidents
• Wrongful Death
• Animal Attacks / Bites

Attorney Fini Thomas has experience representing Defendants and insurance companies on injury related lawsuits. He has taken that experience and now uses it to represent victims of catastrophic injuries.

Injuries and wrongful deaths are often the result of negligent or reckless conduct of another party. In such cases, the victim and the family members have the right to compensation for their injuries.

If the other party has insurance, overzealous adjusters are likely to call you immediately after the accident. Their intention is to try to get you to settle for the least amount of money before you have a chance to speak to an attorney.

Contact us before speaking to the insurance adjusters to learn about your rights and to get the maximum compensation for your injury.

We do not charge for the initial consultation on personal injury claims. We understand what it takes to successfully bring a case to resolution. Call us today to get started on your case!

Real Estate

FT Law Firm can assist with your residential and commercial real estate needs. We have represented large and small businesses as well as homeowners on a variety of real estate and mortgage matters, including the following:

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements – We can assist in drafting, reviewing and revising commercial and residential real estate purchase agreements. Often, these agreements are one-sided and written to protect only the party that drafted it. Our law firm can assist you in making sure that your rights are protected in the transaction.

Deeds – Deeds generally pass title from the seller to the buyer and is filed with the county.  We can assist with drafting and filing General and Special Warranty Deeds and other related documents. 

Closing Related Issues/Contracts – Real estate closing may involve several contracts, addendums and other documents. Often, the attorney present at closing is the title company’s attorney. As such, they are prohibited from providing you legal advise. By retaining FT Law Firm, we can assist with reviewing real estate documents and making sure that your rights are not overlooked in the transaction.

Commercial Leases – We have experience drafting and negotiating commercial leases for both landlords and tenants.

Disputes/Litigation – We litigate cases involving commercial landlords and tenants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

FT Law Firm is experienced with the entire real estate process from the beginning to the end. We can help and guide you through complex real estate matters so that important steps are not missed in your transaction.

Business and Technology Law

Having an attorney review your business agreements can save you money and headaches by reducing future risks.  We can help you avoid crucial mistakes by anticipating legal issues. We also understand the importance of balancing business and legal concerns.

We can help in finding solutions for small and large businesses operating in various field, including real estate, mortgage, technology, retail, service and more.  We have experience helping clients with the following:

• Business Purchases and Sales & Buy-Sell Agreements
• Leases and Real Estate Agreements
• Letters of Intent
• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Goods and Service Agreements
• Independent Contractor Agreements
• Employment Contracts
• Technology Agreements
• Non-compete Agreements
• H1 Visa Employment Contracts
• Business Formations
• Partnership Agreements

Business Litigation: When disputes arise relating to businesses, we have experience handling commercial claims and litigation. We will work with our client to resolve the dispute with maximum efficiency.

Probate and Wills

A properly drafted Will is one of the most important financial planning documents you can create for your family.

A Will is especially important if you have children under the age of 18 and you are concerned about who will take care of them or how their finances will be handled.

FT Law Firm prepares Wills and other estate planning documents for clients. We will work with you to create necessary planning documents so that your assets are preserved and distributed according to your intent upon your death.

WILL PACKAGE: We can help you and your family with drafting the following type of estate planning documents: Wills, Guardian and Trust for Minor Children, Medical Power of Attorney/Living Will and Directive to Physicians.

MARRIED COUPLES: Married couples would require separate Wills for both the husband and the wife. We are able to offer a discount to married couples when preparing Wills for both the husband and the wife.

COMPETITIVE RATES: We offer flat fee arrangements for Wills and other estate planning documents. Typical fees are as follows:

  • Individual Will – $550
  • Individual Will with Provision for Minors – $675
  • Husband and Wife Wills – $980 for both
  • Husband and Wife Wills with Provisions for Minors – $1175 for both
  • Living Will/Medical Power of Attorney – $50
  • Directive to Physicians – $50
  • Durable Power of Attorney – $200

Contact us about preparing your estate planning documents.